The market demands a strategic planning processes to anticipate the changing demands of our customers; aware of the importance of deliveries “just in time” with the features necessary and requested. MWD provides operation logistics framing processes of Assembly components or accessories in the final product.

Creating value services

  • Generation of orders / Receiving order of delivery, check stocks of inventories, among others.
  • Coordinator of programming / Scheduling appointments in distribution centers, mainly.
  • Picking / Receipt of order and assortment of orders according to the customer’s needs; verifying compliance with the characteristics previously established.
  • Labelling / Gluing of labels with barcode for deliveries to distribution centers.
  • Crossdock / Control and delivery of goods and products in transit.

We have temporary or permanent storage. In MWD Controlamos your inventory, with the guarantee that your product or merchandise will be handled in a professional manner and with highly qualified staff.

Warehouse Services

  • Receipt of goods / Welcome to detail, high in system log, other.
  • Identification of goods / WM positions, assignment of code. identification, other.
  • Classification of goods / Characteristics of the products or goods, customer, etc.
  • Location in warehouse / Control and location optimum products.
  • Inventory control / Constant information, summarized and analysed on receipt and delivery of goods, sales, returns and goods in transit, other.

Our transport service runs throughout the national territory with a TOTAL COMMITMENT to QUALITY and delivery time.

Why MWD?

  • Committed to our quality policy; “TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”.
  • Our staff is properly uniformed and identified; aware that we are part of the image of our clients.
  • Service 24 hrs with constant monitoring.
  • Deliveries to detail with recovery of evidence or folios.
  • Electronic reporting to our clients.
  • Units ranging from truck 1.5 tons, 3.5 tons, Torthon and Trailer.
  • Service of custody.
  • GPS system.
  • Case closed.
  • Mobile communication.

MWD aware of the needs of our customers and the demands of the market, our deliveries are focused on “JUST IN TIME” philosophy.

So we cover all the chain of transport, using own and supported equipment with qualified outsourcing that allows to set a flexible operation, delivery times and service levels according to each need for our business partners.

¿As we participate in its operation?

  • Allocation of routes.
  • Distribution of goods to grocery stores, departmental, specialized, wholesalers, individuals, other.
  • Delivery detail (code x code), or closed box.
  • Delivery against evidence (folio, IMR, Contra-Recibo, cost of goods, etc.).
  • Communication and continuous reporting with our clients on status of goods, (rejections total, partial, refunds, other).
  • Recovery of evidence.
  • Output processes.
  • Mainstreaming with the process of storage.

In MWD understand the importance of the INTEGRAL SERVICE of Supply Chain by which our operation ends when the merchandise is delivered to the end customer or when we collect the goods of one is effective and economically feasible so that our trade partners to innovate in their products and goods.

Within our service.

  • Collection of product at the customer’s premises.
  • Returns to detail and closed box collection.
  • Reintegration of the goods in inventory.
  • Working in conjunction with our MWD Manufacturing Division operation offers also; the rehabilitation of the product, destruction, recovery, repackaging, and storage of the return.